Optical Solutions

Band-Optics has been manufacturing optical compoments & camera assembly since 2008,we keep focusing on creating cost-effective solutions that meet customer's specifications, timelines and budgets.


We primarily fabricate high-precision aspherical lens and flat with large size by various matrial,as well as the lens systems & optomechanical components-ultraviolet, visible, near-infrared and SWIR applications.


We serve OEM customers in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical,defense, industrial, commercial and research industries globally.


We strive to develop innovative and reliable products to meet the needs of our customers in every manufacturing industry.



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nPrecision Optical Assembly to Build to Requirements

ØExperts in Opto-Mechanical Design
ØOptical Design for Manufacture
ØImaging System Design
ØLaser Systems and Subsystems

nOptical Fabrication and Polishing

ØAutomated, High-Speed and Low-Speed Precision Polished Optics
ØPrecision Optical Domes for Demanding Applications
ØOne of the Largest Diamond Turning Operations
ØCylindrical mirror
ØFlat and windows

nCoatings Designed for System Reliability

ØAnti-reflective (AR) Coatings
ØHigh-reflective (HR) Coatings
ØNon-Polarizing Beamsplitters (NPBS)Coating
ØBeam Spliter (BS)Coating
ØLongpass Dichroic(LP) Coating
ØShortpass Dichroic(SP) Coating
ØMulti-Band Dichroic(BP) Coating
ØFluorescence Imaging Coating
ØHot and Cold Mirror Coating


nComplex Optical Design, Prototype & Manufacture

ØSpace-qualified optical assemblies
ØLaser rangefinders
ØSpectroscopy lenses
ØInterferometer assemblies and many more
ØAdvanced Visible, NIR, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR Zoom Systems
ØWide-field-of-view (WFOV) imaging
ØWFOV helmet-mounted displays (HMD)
ØNight-vision scopes
ØRangefinder & military optics
ØMedical fiber-optic imaging
ØBorescopes and endoscopes