Optical Components&Assembly





Band-Optics is fully equipped to produce the highest quality precision optical devices. The most advanced metrology equipment allows us to ensure that every component produced by the factory fully meets all relevant standards.


Optical Components:

 ØAll common & uncommon glass materials (From BK7, Fusedsilica,LaSFN, SiO2, etc.,to Sapphire & Silicon)

 ØAdditionally can generate and polish ceramics & crystals

 ØScratch-Dig: Common 20-10, Best 10-5 or 0-0

 ØSurface Quality to 3 Angstroms

 ØSurface Figure to λ/20 (over 6"diameter)

 ØParallelism < 1arcmin


 ØMinimum size < 0.5mm

 ØMaximum size approximately 30”

 ØEdge Tolerances /- 0.01mm

 ØThickness Tolerance /- 0.01mm




Camera Assembly:

ØSpace-qualified optical assemblies


ØLaser rangefinders

ØSpectroscopy lenses

ØInterferometer assemblies and many more

ØAdvanced Visible, NIR, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR Zoom Systems

ØWide-field-of-view (WFOV) imaging

ØWFOV helmet-mounted displays (HMD)


ØNight-vision scopes

ØRangefinder & military optics

ØMedical fiber-optic imaging

ØBorescopes and endoscopes